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934 S SAINT Andrews Pl – Case Study

934 S Saint Andrews Pl is a 5-unit property, located near the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles. The property featured four 1-bedroom units and one large 4 bedroom+2-bathroom townhome unit. The property’s desirable location was an attraction for many potential new owners. The property was owned in the same family for 50+ years.

Total Realty Group’s lead generation team made calls into the neighborhood prospecting for properties on behalf of our valued clients and investors. Contact was made with one of the owners of the subject property but at the time the family was not ready to sell. After consistent follow up and relationship building to gain the trust of the 5 different family members Total Realty Group was assigned the listing to the property.

The marketing team at Total Realty Group put together an extensive marketing package that highlighted the many upsides the property offered to a new Buyer despite the inherent challenges of the property, (an RSO property with significantly low rents during the Los Angeles rental moratorium and some deferred maintenance). TRG generated multiple offers and secured an offer that met the price expectations of each stakeholder. The property could not be conventionally financed and TRG needed to be creative to solve this problem. TRG structured a Seller financed note for the property that met the needs for each Seller involved.

At the end, the Sellers were able to divest from each other and use the proceeds for their own individual goals and plans. TRG also represented the buyer in this transaction.

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