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Navigating Real Estate Investment Opportunities Amid Market Trends

In 2021, Total Realty Group embarked on a mission to explore multifaceted avenues in real estate investment. One of our key strategies involved reaching out to property owners and investors within a 2-mile radius of a 28-unit multifamily property listed at the corner of Westmoreland and 11th St.

During these endeavors, we connected with the owner of a 10-unit property who, while appreciative of the contact, initially declined offers. Nevertheless, fostering this relationship led to a valuable rapport. Over time, we kept this owner informed about nearby investment opportunities.

In a pivotal quarterly call in 2022, the owner expressed interest in a prospective investment. However, capital gains deferral through a 1031 exchange meant selling the apartment building—an idea deemed premature due to the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming opportunity.

Amidst these developments, the Federal Reserve began incrementally raising interest rates, affecting the investment landscape. Regular updates on these rate hikes and pricing trends empowered us to discreetly market the property without the conventional open market exposure.

Although diverging from our preferred method of selling investment properties—where comprehensive marketing packages lead to the highest offers—we embraced the challenge!

At Total Realty Group, we curate a circle of Preferred Private Clients—seasoned investors with a knack for identifying unique opportunities across commercial properties. Introducing this off-market opportunity to our PPCs resulted in a successful offer that catered to both seller and buyer needs.

In a dynamic real estate landscape, strategic maneuvering and fostering relationships yield fruitful outcomes. We are dedicated to leveraging market trends, nurturing connections, and providing tailored solutions to optimize your real estate ventures.

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