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Navigating the Challenges at 1121-1123 Laveta Terrace: A Triumph of Expertise and Strategy

Just as the real estate market is ever-evolving, so are the challenges that come with each
transaction. Our recent involvement at 1121 to 1123 Laveta Terrace showcases how expertise,
persistence, and strategic interventions can make all the difference. The journey began with the
buyers expressing deep admiration for this exquisitely remodeled and renovated 3-unit building.
Boasting a generous 1850 SF 3 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom owner’s unit, two separate 1 + 1
bungalows, and an unapproved ADU. This property, spread across a 2,972 Building SF and a
9,108 SF Lot, was a real estate gem in Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was originally
listed at $2,425,000 and then purchased at $1,850,000.

However, every story has its turning point. Just when things seemed smooth, we hit a roadblock.
Amid today’s turbulent mortgage market, the Buyer’s loan broker delivered news that they
couldn’t secure the loan on the contingency removal day. For many, this would signal the end of
the road, but not for Total Realty Group. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, our team
sprang into action. Harnessing our extensive industry relationships and knowledge, we facilitated
alternative financing solutions. This pivotal intervention allowed the buyers to proceed with their
dream purchase, turning a potential deal-breaker into a success story. Further demonstrating our
commitment to adding value, we emphasized the importance of getting the ADU approved post-
purchase. Given the potential benefits and our intimate understanding of property management –
thanks to our founding partners who manage properties themselves – the buyers were able to
execute this recommendation without incurring substantial costs.

This tale underscores a pivotal lesson in real estate: it’s not just about the bricks and mortar. It’s
about navigating the complexities, leveraging expertise, and offering solutions when challenges
arise. At 1121-1123 Laveta Terrace, not only did we facilitate a property transaction, but we also
built trust, emphasizing the unmatched value of having an experienced team by your side.

In the vast landscape of real estate, challenges are inevitable. But with the right guidance,
expertise, and a strategic approach, even the most daunting obstacles can be surmounted. As the
story of 1121-1123 Laveta Terrace has shown, when you’re with Total Realty Group, you’re in
expert hands that understand ALL your real estate needs.

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